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October 28, 2017 6:35 PM She signed up to be a surrogate mother — and unwittingly gave her own child away

Jessica Allen was already the mother of two boys when she decided to become a surrogate. The pay she would receive to carry another woman’s child to term — $30,000 — would allow Allen to become a stay-at-home mom, as well as save for a new house. It would also be her “chance to give a family the blessing of a child,” her partner, Wardell Jasper, told her, according 187

October 27, 2017 8:34 PM Italian man infects 32 people with HIV

An Italian man who knowingly passed on the deadly HIV virus to more than 30 other people, including a five-year-old, has been sentenced to 24 years' imprisonment. Valentino Talluto, a 33-year-old accountant, picked up dozens of women on the internet, including minors, and had unprotected sex with them despite testing positive to HIV in 2006. He was convicted 187

October 27, 2017 8:01 PM It Turns Out, Smoking Weed May Actually Be Good For Your Sex Life

A new study says pot smokers may have more sex than non-smokers. Good news for pot smokers: Smoking weed regularly could actually be beneficial to your sex life. While previous studies have suggested that frequent marijuana use may impair sexual desire or performance, new research out of Stanford University School of Medicine suggests the opposite may be true. “Frequent 201

October 27, 2017 4:47 PM Namibia: Sex Education in School

There are reasons why people are not happy with the new curriculum for sex education, perhaps it is true that it is too crude, that it teaches children not only to abstain from sex and to be careful, but also to engage in questionable sexual behaviour. This is a discussion and a consultation that should continue and must be held in a manner that is instructive 204

October 18, 2017 10:02 AM Blood donated by a mother could be dangerous to men

Men who receive blood transfusions from women who have ever been pregnant are at risk of an early death, research suggests. Experts suspect antibodies produced by a woman's body in pregnancy might provoke a severe immune response if injected into a man. But scientists last night stressed that the study of 31,000 people, by experts at Leiden University 155

October 17, 2017 9:15 PM Blood transfusion from previously pregnant donor deadly for men: Study

Men beware! Receiving blood transfusions from a woman donor, who has ever been pregnant, is linked to an increased risk of death among males, warns a recent study. The results revealed that men, who received blood transfusions from previously pregnant female donors, were 13 percent more likely to die, compared with men who received blood transfusions 142

September 30, 2017 1:48 PM No, Hugh Hefner Did Not Love Women

Hugh Hefner loved his things: his silk bathrobes, his palatial mansion, his vintage cars. And of course, he would be quick to say, his girls — those interchangeable blondes all below a certain age, with their Barbie-shaped bodies and smiles that never moved their eyes. Hefner claimed to "love women." He certainly loved to look at women, or at least the type of women 127

September 29, 2017 5:38 AM Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian to reveal baby bumps in jaw-dropping naked photoshoot

The duo are reportedly due to give birth around the same time early next year and are keen to capitalise on their pregnancies. “They would love to be belly to belly and together to show off their bumps in the most beautiful way possible” "Khloe and Kylie would like to show the world at the same time their growing bellies and would like to do it in a magazine 213

September 29, 2017 1:58 AM 'No pictures': A camera-shy Kendall Jenner rocks a baseball cap with cheeky message embroidered on it

Kendall Jenner let her clothes do the talking for her when she stepped out in Beverly Hills on Thursday. The 21-year-old supermodel was spotted leaving a dermatologist's office in a white baseball cap emblazoned with the words: 'NO PICTURES'. It's been a busy few weeks for the leggy star and her family, with Kendall yet to comment on the reported pregnancies 106

September 27, 2017 3:58 AM Timed perfectly! Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner 'share similar due dates for the births of their first children'

The Kardashian-Jenner-West children will practically outnumber their famous families in 2018 with the recently reported pregnancies of Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian West's surrogate mother. Adding even more competition into the mix is news that Khloe and Kylie may share similar due dates, according to People . The 33-year-old fitness 118