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August 10, 2017 6:16 PM Why Facebook's New YouTube Rival Faces Very Different Challenges

Facebook is making a big effort to boost its video presence with the launch of Watch, a new subsection of the social media giant's feature lineup meant to serve as a destination for original episodic shows. Facebook is introducing Watch to a limited number of people in the U.S., and the company hasn't specified when it will roll out more broadly. Watch 62

August 10, 2017 4:28 PM Europe tries to crack egg scandal

Brussels - Dutch investigators arrested two suspects on Thursday from a firm at the centre of a probe into insecticide-tainted eggs as European authorities stepped up efforts to tackle the widening scandal. The arrests during joint raids by Belgium and the Netherlands came as Britain said it had imported 700 000 eggs from Dutch farms linked to fears 129

August 10, 2017 12:01 AM How will your pets react to the solar eclipse?

The August 21 Great American Solar Eclipse will be the first total solar eclipse to stretch coast to coast in the continental United States in 99 years. Humans are expected to react with amazement when the thin path of totality, or total eclipse, passes through portions of 14 states, but what about their pets? Dogs and cats will be affected by the eclipse 118

August 9, 2017 6:37 PM Earliest-Known Winged Mammal Relatives Discovered In China

When you think about the Jurassic Period, you probably think of massive, lumbering dinosaurs. But now scientists say there were also gliders — early relatives of mammals, akin to today's flying squirrels – whizzing through the trees. Fossils of two glider species, found in the Tiaojishan Formation in northeastern China, are particularly well-preserved 109

August 9, 2017 4:42 PM Citizen Scientists Chase Total Solar Eclipse

Non-scientists are being recruited to collect data on everything from the Sun’s outer atmosphere to animal behavior Fred Isberner is a retired healthcare professor in Carbondale, Illinois. But on 21 August, the 69-year-old will be collecting data about the Sun’s superheated outer atmosphere during a total solar eclipse. Isberner is one of thousands of people 107

August 7, 2017 6:32 PM A Total Solar Eclipse Feels Really, Really Weird

Have you ever witnessed a total solar eclipse? Usually when I give a lecture, only a couple of people in an audience of several hundred people raise their hands when I ask that question. A few others respond tentatively, saying, “I think I saw one.” That’s like a woman saying, “I think I once gave birth.” What these people are remembering is some long-ago 111

August 7, 2017 5:34 PM What chewed up an Australian teen's feet in the shallows?

MELBOURNE, Australia -- A teenager who just wanted to relax his legs at a Melbourne beach but emerged with his feet covered in blood has stumped marine experts, but one biologist is convinced the culprits were tiny scavengers. Sam Kanizay's legs felt sore after playing a game of football on Saturday, so he decided to soak them at the beach. About 30 minutes 113

August 2, 2017 2:44 PM ‘Never diagnosed autism in a dog’: Why some pet owners aren’t vaccinating their dogs

That moderate increase in vaccine fears has now spilled over to Brooklyn dog owners, according to two veterinarians who spoke with the Brooklyn paper. “We do see a higher number of clients who don’t want to vaccinate their animals,” Dr. Amy Ford, of the Veterinarian Wellness Center of Boerum Hill, said to the Brooklyn Paper. “This may be stemming from the anti-vaccine 99

July 29, 2017 9:36 AM A ‘Namibian Johnnie Fox’s’, with zebra and croc on the menu

Huge dunes, remote desert plains, breathtaking national parks and a Martian landscape Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, where most travels around the country begin and end, has a slightly frontier feel. Wide boulevards, modern buildings and occasionally a German-style colonial building and street names like Bismarck Strauss hark back to the days when this part of Africa 397

July 28, 2017 8:02 AM World Hepatitis Day: Should we be worried about Hepatitis E

Hepatitis E virus infection (HEV) is the most common cause of acute viral hepatitis worldwide. The infection usually resolves within weeks, but sometimes it causes acute liver failure, which may be fatal. It is mostly spread through the faecal-oral route, and until recently was viewed as an infection primarily affecting people in undeveloped areas who lack access 61