Voter registration off to a slow start in Byo

October 11, 2017 12:26 AM

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Voter registration off to a slow start in Byo

Bulawayo provincial elections officer Mr Innocent Ncube said a few people visited registration centres yesterday.

He said the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) is ready to assist people with the registration.

Zec is also distributing fliers and conducting door-to-door campaigns for the electorate to register as voters as part of the registration blitz that will end on October 26.

“It was a slow start. I visited North End, Sauerstown, Richmond suburbs in Ward Two where there were no people in all the voter registration centres that I went to. I also went through the Central Business District I only found one person being registered at Eveline High School and even at Milton there was only one person,” said Mr Ncube.

“We held a meeting where we reviewed the process and the general view is that there has been a slow start of the process.”

He said members of the public should bring relevant documents when they visit centres to register.

“The electorate should bring the necessary documents when coming to register. They can bring the national identity, metal ID or a plastic one, waiting pass with their photograph and a valid passport. They should also bring a proof of residence,” said Mr Ncube.

He said proof of residence can be in the form of any bill reflecting your place of residence, traditional leader’s confirmation letter, landlord’s statement, employer’s statement, offer letters and parents and friends’ letters confirming an individual’s proof of residence among other things.

Mr Ncube said for those who cannot present relevant proof of residence documents, they should submit a residence affidavit stating where they reside.


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