Service delivery slack in Omusati

January 27, 2014 11:40 AM

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OUTAPI – The governor of the Omusati Region Sophia Shaningwa warned administrators in the region that the year 2014 will not be business as usual given that there are still many incomplete projects in the region.

“These projects are very crucial to our region since they will improve living standards and service delivery. Adhering to time frames and deadlines is the way to go, because this will lift the image of our region. So, see to it that your towns are developed and services are installed. Those who are in charge of settlements should bring a new facelift to their settlements,” said Shaningwa. She was addressing the regional council at the first official meeting of the year last Friday. She said she is not impressed with the snail’s pace at which projects are being implemented. The projects include the construction of the Gwakasamane border post, the Okathitu gravel road, the Outapi sports complex, as well as the rehabilitation of hospitals. She reminded councillors that their five-year term was coming to an end and that she does not want the region to be charged with having been asleep on duty. She said all councillors in the region should see to it that projects in their respective constituencies are tackled and finalised.

Shaningwa took issue with the slow pace of rural electrification, saying the initial enthusiasm and excitement in the region is being shadowed by the lack of capacity by local companies appointed to service the region. “Our people are now stranded because there is no electricity, they cannot work and earn a living. Our people have sewing machines, milling machines, welding machines, but there is no power to utilise these very necessary equipments. Then we are also slacking in the provision of potable water to our rural communities, which is very crucial as well for health standards and therefore the responsible directorate in the region should accelerate the distribution of water,” said Shaningwa. “We must take stock of what we promised the electorate and round off the uncompleted projects for the benefit of our people. It is only befitting that I urge you all to set deadlines as far as our tasks are concerned. If we fail to deliver we must report to the electorate as to why services were not delivered to them,” she said.


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