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December 23, 2013 7:08 AM

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As with any medical procedure, dental implantation has its indications and contraindications. With proper diagnosis, planning and correct implantation, complications almost never occur, dental implantologist Tigran Hakobyan, the director of the dental clinic "Kamar" told in his interview to the correspondent of Medicine.

According to its structure, the dental implant is as close as possible to the shape of the roots of natural teeth. The uneven surface of the implant is very similar to the spongy surface of the bones of the jaws.

There is a famous phrase in implantology: «The body does not take notice of titanium». There is a natural process of bone formation and wound healing at sterile, atraumatic and correct insertion of the implant.

According to the doctor, dental implants can be installed in persons who have reached adulthood, when their jaw apparatus is fully developed. «And in financially secure people», jokingly notes the doctor. «Dental implants are contraindicated in all cases where surgery is contraindicated in general - incoagulability of blood, mental disorders, cancer. There was a time when diabetes was considered contraindicated, nowuncompensated diabetes is considered just unfavorable for such procedures, and that's all. If it is possible to regulate the patient's condition with drugs and diets, then during implantation, we do everything meticulously, and there are no complications », told the dentist.

Complexity after the implants may be in the case, when the patient has bone problems in general. «Today the implant damage is less likely, than the damage of the healthy teeth, because teeth have ligamentous system, nervous system, circulatory system, which damage with age for different reasons: stress, wrong diet, bad hygiene. And implant is just a body inserted in the bone, which is invulnerable. Nevertheless, if you have gum disease, it is also bad for the implants; simply the implants are less vulnerable, than your own teeth. If you have poorly installed implants, or poorly installed orthopedic implant design, that is, incorrectly distributed pressure when chewing, or produced false pockets where food can accumulate, it leads to a new disease-periimplantitis. Previously there was a concept periodontitis –inflammation around the teeth; now an actual subject is periimplantitis–inflammation of the gum and bone tissue surrounding the implant. According to the doctor, in order to avoid such problems, you should be extremely scrupulous in setting implants. «We carry out sanation of oral cavity, then we do three-dimensional imaging of the jaws, then bone density is being estimated, after which we choose the speed and cooling degree of implant setting, so that the procedure passed harmlessly for the bone», tells the implantologist.

The process of integration of implants can take place rather quickly, within two months. However, Tigran Hakobyan is not a supporter of forced methods; he thinks that the jaws should be left quietly, so that they get used to foreign bodies and not to install implants directly under load. And in this case temporary constructions are installed, so that the patient could chew during that time.

Implantation is performed in conditions close to stationary, to avoid complications. According to the statistics, the complications with teeth implants worldwide are 1-2%. We mostly do local anesthesia, and in some cases, when needed, we do general anesthesia. Once the implant is accustomed, the patient will not be able to damage it.

Prices of implants, according to the dentist, vary today: we have offers from different countries, different qualities, and the average is 400-500 dollars per implant. Dear implants can cost from 1300 to 1400 dollars. It is necessary to choose implants, which correspond to the demands of modern medicine.

In Armenia, people gradually begin to trust more this method, since there are long-term effects - many years of observation, that the method is justified. 10-12 years ago only the bravest people turned to us, because there were many doubts concerning foreign body, said T. Hakobyan, stressing that the positive experience of the years dispelled them.


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