Life's sweet with sugar!

March 10, 2014 1:02 PM

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Life's sweet with sugar!

A school chum showed me how to suck it up the nose to get a lovely fizzy tang effect. It was ingested via a black straw in a throw-away yellow paper tube.

This cheap fix was known as a sherbert dab. I was instantly hooked and so were most of my little friends. From then on it was for me a life of dabs, toffees, blackjacks, gobstoppers, cola worms and fruit salad chews.

When I got to big school there awaited a new, more potent kick. A thing called a brown cow: a scoop of vanilla ice cream floating in a glass of Coca-Cola, served with a spoon.

A jam doughnut on the side rounded this feast off very nicely. My sugar addiction saw me through childhood and adolescence and it involved a fair few trips to the dentist.

But I am still around though now I restrict my intake to the occasional Creme Egg or packet of jelly babies.

The way things are going my sort of sugary childhood – the day started with a bowl of Frosties ( they’re grrrrreat! but they’re also 37 per cent sugar) – will soon be banned.

Last week the World Health Organisation (WHO) said that sugar is the most signifi cant threat to national health since tobacco.

We should slash our intake to six teaspoons a day. It is not just sweets, drinks and breakfast cereals that are in the dock, mind you.

Even fruit is loaded with the demon sugar in its natural form. If you thought an apple a day kept the doctor away think again. A Braeburn apple contains three teaspoons of sugar.

A banana contains seven, the same as a can of Coke. I take this sugar scare with a pinch of salt. Food scientists are a panicky bunch of big girls’ blouses. Until recently saturated fat was the thing we should avoid at all costs.

Butter, cheese, cakes and sausages were dripping with the stuff and were blamed for high cholesterol, heart disease and goodness knows what. Now it turns out that saturated fat is innocent. In fact it’s good for you!


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