Beginning of journey

January 29, 2014 8:37 AM

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EENHANA – Finally, the most important time you have been waiting for is here! You have probably been tossing and turning in your blankets all week and wondering if all the stories you have heard about secondary and high school are true. Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as they have been made to sound. They have probably told you that the prefects at high school are much tougher and meaner, to some extent it is true, but is not as bad as it has been made to be. Provided you stay on the right side of the rules.

She also advises new learners to buckle up and get ready for more mind-blowing, exciting and challenging subjects like Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics and a whole lot more. It may be little difficult and overwhelming, but they should get used to this new schooling environment. A former Grade 12 learner at Haimbili Haufiku, who was also a prefect and currently serving as the Junior Mayor on the Junior Town Council of Eenhana, Edward Naikaku, advises new learners to have a study plan. He says the subjects are now little more complicated and it is important to give each subject enough attention. “If they are at a boarding school like my former school, Haimbili Haufiku Senior School, they should make use of the study time. If they are now new at a boarding school and they were never in a boarding school all long, then this will be a different experience. They may miss home the first days but once they make friends, they will not even feel the difference. It will just become a second home,” says Naikaku.

About reported bullying especially in boarding schools, he says teens are bullied in any way but “should not hesitate to report”.

“Others believe that reporting the bully isn’t cool. But they should not be fooled, high school should be an experience, they should not allow anyone to make it a nightmare for new learners. Instead, they should report that bully to a prefect or your teacher.”


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